Let Them Play: Transgender Women are Women

This is one of the worst games of keep away that I have ever witnessed.

You want equal rights? Nah. You want to live as your truest self? Nice try. You want to use a bathroom that makes you feel comfortable? LOL, no. You just want to play sports like all of the other kids? Yeah, right. You don’t want to play them; you want to ruin them.

Trigger Warning

I will be discussing topics and events that deal with abuse, transphobia, sexual assault, and other forms of discrimination. Please take care of yourself first and know that your feelings are valid.

I woke up one day to an article I found through some feminist facebook group that I am a member of. (Yes. I like my facebook groups, and this is one of the main reasons why.) I did not see it trending. I did not see it being talked about in other areas in quite the same way. I saw the rightful outrage of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s abhorrent actions and behavior, proving again how much hate and ignorance she really holds. However, I still didn’t see the issue addressed quite like this Mother Jones article:

The Real Threat to Women’s Sports Isn’t Trans Athletes. It’s Sexually Predatory Coaches.

False moral outrage in the face of inclusion is nothing new.

Written by Abigail Weinberg

It ignited a fire within me that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I grew up playing in women’s sports. I grew up constantly getting compared to male athletes. Not only was I never as good, I was never enough. Hell, I even convinced myself of that! I would watch more men’s sports than women’s sports because I thought that would make me better. Why? I fell into the trap that our patriarchal society sets up for all of us young girls. We are not better, we never could be better, and the only way we may be passable is if we modeled ourselves after the many men athletes that get the spotlight.

But, there is so much more to it than that. It is more than just societal norms and pressures. It is tangible. In my over 15 years of being part of women’s athletics, I have witnessed a wide range of abuse, and I, myself, was abused within the women’s sports system.

When I saw just the title of this article, my heart dropped farther than my stomach. It hit the floor in a way that I can only describe as crushing. It brought up everything from what happened to me to rumors of what was happening then to what I know happened to her to what they did to them a few years ago to the monsters that are still out there. As I read the article, I cried. I felt seen in a way I didn’t even know was necessary.

Women’s sports have a lot of issues from pay inequity, to sexual assault, to mental abuse, to eat disorders, to physical abuse, to racial inequities, to socioeconomic issues. The list could go on and on. If you wanted to talk about what is ruining women’s sports, why are we not addressing those issues? Why must we always trivialize and minimize the contributions of women? Why are we so worried about making sports more exclusive based on made-up standards? It is pathetic, harmful, and disgusting what they are trying to do. (I am looking at you Governor of South Dakota.)

Before I even get into the idiotic notion of banning trans women athletes, I want to say this: Women athletes are capable. Women athletes are badass. Women athletes are strong. Women athletes are determined. Women athletes are athletic. Women athletes are more than enough.

The fact that you think a man could just come in off the street and beat out all women athletes at their sport is absolutely hilarious, disgusting, and dead wrong.

I am DONE hearing otherwise.

Women are literally giving our blood, sweat, tears, hearts, bodies, and minds to the opportunities that we are given only to be spit upon by the white, old, male establishment looking down at us from their bright, fully funded press boxes.

Now, let’s make something else very clear: we are not talking about men at all. In all the defense arguments about these bans of transgender athletes, I feel like we keep forgetting the biggest thing. We are not talking about men. We are talking about women competing with other women. Trans women are women. Period. End of discussion.

As scandal after scandal emerges about the pervasive abuse of young athletes, it’s time we reevaluate our priorities. Trans athletes aren’t the problem.


This is the end of the Mother Jones article, and I would like to add one clarification to it. Trans athletes are not just not the problem. They are NOT a problem at all.

No child should be excluded from the opportunity to play in sports. What a crazy fucking notion? Title IX says that I could try out for the men’s football team as a woman because my school doesn’t offer that sport for women. Why would that not equally protect women who are trying out for women’s sports?! We shouldn’t ever be making it more exclusive.

Now, look at the statistics about our LGBTQIA+ youth. In July of 2020, NBC reported that 40% had “seriously considered” suicide in the previous year. Let that sink in. Our LGBTQIA+ youth are struggling to feel accepted and loved, and we are literally killing them with bans like the one in South Dakota and the actions of our supposed leaders like Marjorie Taylor Greene. Discrimination and hate kills.

All of our youth deserve opportunities. They deserve to be treated like every other child.

So, let me just end this by saying this:
Trans athletes ruining women’s sports is a pathetic fear built by white male privilege and deep seeded transphobia and sexism.

I honestly cannot believe that THIS and cancelling Dr. Suess are the top concerns of some of our legislators.

Now stop talking about Dr. Seuss and start working with us on behalf of the American workers.

Representative Tim Ryan (D-Ohio)

Quick Context:

The Equality Act was passed in the House of Representatives. It is a bill meant to ban discrimination based on gender identity and sexuality. It was opposed by fringe and radical republicans who decided to use it to make a big deal about trans women participating to women’s sports programs. They also cited their religious objections to the bill. It was passed easily still in the House, but the Senate will be another story. There is uncertainty as to which way supposed Republican moderates will vote. For example, Senator Romney’s spokesperson said that he will be unable to support it based on the lack of “religious liberty protections.”


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