Best Drinks to Deal with Politics

After my 10 Best Teas for Political Events post, I got so many of you asking for one for alcoholic beverages! Well, I did a little market research, and I found 5 great drinks to help you get through these next 15 days.

*Disclaimer* I have not tried all of these drinks, but they do come highly recommended by some of my friends and fellow poli-nerds. Please comment if you have tried them, are planning on trying them, or if you have any other drink suggestions!

With that said, let’s get drinking! #drinkon #drinkresponsibly

  1. White Russian

With a little vodka, some Kahlúa, and cream, you have this yummy, fancy, and politically ironic drink! It will keep you warm, and it will keep you happy. I recommend you drink these when the news and scandals don’t stop pouring in.

Warning: Too many of these may cause you to let your guard down to some election interference, so I recommend you don’t drink them on the day you plan on voting!

2. Old Fashion

I am talking about a good, Wisconsin Ol’ Fashion. That includes southern comfort, bitters, some sugar, 7up, and, of course, olives as a garnish. I don’t know about you, but after these last four years, I am craving some good, Ol’ Fashion politics. I am tired of Twitter announcements and name calling. I actually miss the scandals like when President Obama wore a tan suit, and Fox News went absolutely nuts. This is why I will be drinking these election night! Cheers!

3. Shut Up Manhattan

This is a pretty heavy, debate friendly cocktail that I think could get you into some trouble if you have too many, but sometimes it is good to have a little liquid courage. It includes bourbon, vermouth, bitters, and you CANNOT forget the orange peel. I mean, the orange is why I am drinking it in the first place.

4. The Painkiller

Whew. Does this one need a description? Too many of these may have you not even noticing the fly that has been on your head for the past 2 minutes. I mean, rum, coconut, pineapple, and orange in a hurricane style cup… YES PLEASE!

Side note: Can we all agree that SNL is killing it during this election season?! Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris, Jim Carrey as Joe Biden, and Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump. It is as great of a mixture as this Painkiller drink! I am obsessed!

5. BEER!

Some days we just need comfort, and other days, we just need to drink. For both occasions, beer is the answer. I recommend that you drink beer during any political drinking games. It will hopefully give you a little more time before you hit the floor, especially if you drink every time someone from the Trump Administration interrupts someone else. I regretted that rule… really fast…

We are wishing you all a safe and productive next 15 days. These are so important, and we appreciate every single effort that you all put forward. If you need any information on how to vote in your state, please do not hesitate to reach out to We will get you the information you need. Every vote and voice matters in this election! Happy voting!

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12 thoughts on “Best Drinks to Deal with Politics

  1. This is honestly hilarious and awesome! I’m going to share this is with my husband and we’ll have to use some of your suggestions haha.


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